Sunday, June 15, 2014

Jewel Cave National Monument

There are two caves in the area belonging to the NP system, Wind Cave NP and Jewel Cave NM.  Yesterday we took a tour through a very small part of Jewel Cave.  I say that because Jewel Cave is the 3rd longest cave in the world at over 174 miles currently with newly discovered tunnels being added annually.  Quite amazing!

Caves all have their own personality and Jewel Cave is no exception.  A huge portion of the surface area in this cave is covered with a nubby looking calcite formation.  It looks like someone went through and sprayed it on like stucco:)  A few pics:

the "jewels" in Jewel Cave

this is that nubby calcite covering I spoke of

note the "soda straw" formation in the middle of the pic

a stop at the only winery in Custer for a tasting after the cave tour:)


  1. Well of course there is a winery after the tour!

    It's freaky to think of all the giant holes in the earth underneath us! Neat cave!

    1. we do realize that not all towns have a winery or brewery.....shucks;)


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