Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bemidji, MN

Lots of rain and humidity and mosquitoes so not much going on.  We are in the land of Paul Bunyan, however, and that could lead to some very tall tales;)

Today we checked out the only winery in a 100 mile radius, Forestedge.  No grapes here, all fruits, but some nice tasting stuff!  We bought a few bottles; a black currant, a plum and a blueberry. Tasty!

Then we drove over to one of two breweries in the area, this one in the town of Walker, Leech Lake  Brewing Company.  You could buy tastes or you could buy a growler but you could not buy a pint and enjoy it there.....hmmm.  They had a couple of nice IPA's so Mike was happy and I porter I would definitely drink again.  Have to actually buy the beer at a liquor store though.


  1. States can be really funny about their liquor laws! Too bad about the mosquitos...I have a feeling we are headed into mosquito territory again after we leave Portland...

    1. Picked up that stuff you suggested, will try it out tomorrow!


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