Sunday, July 13, 2014

Duluth, MN

Yesterday we drove down to spend the day in Duluth and, of course, had a great time!  We toured a floating museum, watched ships move through the Twin Ports bridge and had a brew at Canal Park Brewery.  Nice day!

William A Irvin Maritime Museum

crews quarters


750 ft from front to back, the hatches on the right would slide open to allow ore to flow into the hold

guest quarters dining room
In the 1950s, the freighters started taking out VIP guests free of charge.  After being wined and dined on board, the guests often invested in the company....good business marketing!!
The captains quarters, the boy in the pic had no idea what the old machine he was looking at was (the typewriter) but he wanted his grandma to take a picture of it;)

looking down on a carriage  going by
At Holloween, the hold of the ship is turned into a haunted house.  Looks like fun!

The light houses below sit one on either side of the entrance to the Twin Ports......

The draw bridge to the Twin Ports of Duluth and Superior....
 The bridge is up waiting for a freighter to pass through.....
And there goes the Philip R Clarke!
 And out into Lake Superior between the two lighthouses

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