Sunday, July 6, 2014

Last Day in Bemidji, MN

Tomorrow we are off to Two Harbors, MN, for a week to see what that area has to offer.

We did get a decent hike in around part of Lake Bemidji.  I say that because Lake Bemidji offers a 17 mile, mostly shore, trail.  We are told that this lake actually freezes over in the winter!  That is one very large ice skating rink!

We saw a couple of different duck families:

Standing on a bridge looking toward where the Mississippi enters Lake Bemidji:

healthy looking guy!
 I was so happy to spot a Bald Eagle on the trail!  The first we've seen in a while.
 Duck family number two, mom would not turn toward the camera for me;)

We drove part of the Lady Slipper Scenic Byway and did see small clumps of Lady Slippers here and there:
We drove through an old CCC camp:

The byway took us through Blackduck.  Can you tell?  Lots of small towns with big statues out here!

 Lots of forested roads with occasional deer running across.  We are near theChippewa National Forest:
 And every now and then a fish mailbox;)


  1. Love the wildlife. I sure hope the mosquitos back off for you guys soon!

  2. Don't really anticipate that happening until we get past summer in this part of the country. Maybe we need mosquitoes to remind us how very fortunate we are that that is all we have to deal with at this point in our lives;)


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