Sunday, July 27, 2014

Woodland Dunes, Hennings Cheese, WI

We hiked in Woodland Dunes, a preserve not far from us.  I'm not taking many pics right now as I'm too busy trying to out walk the mosquitoes;)  We did see a fairly unusual sight though that I did managed to shoot and that is the pic below of 3 juvenile ospreys.  Unusual to have more than 2 in a nest so I was feeling kinda lucky about this:

 Henning cheese is well known and greatly enjoyed in the area so we drove out to taste some cheese.  Mike got a bag of squeaky fresh cheese curds and was in heaven:) We will be stopping by before we leave the area for cheese to take with us!
 They had a small museum.....
And we could see into the factory but no cheese was being made that day unfortunately
 Friday night we went with family and friends to a fish fry which is a time honored tradition in these parts.  Virtually every restaurant has one.  I had Perch and tasted Whitefish and Pike and it was all good!


  1. Pesky mosquito's! I had never had cheese curds until last summer in CO...and they were quite tasty, the squeak is a bit weird though!

  2. Mike, who does not like salt, loves curds! I've told him he can no longer get on me about salt because I think curds are very salty!


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