Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wine, Meat, and Cheese! WI

We had a wonderful day driving up to Sturgeon Bay with Joyce and Jane and stopping at a few places along the way;)

But first, the cow.  Yes, there is a big animal statue in Manatowoc too!!:)

 Our first stop on the wine, cheese and meat trail was Stangelville and Konop Meats:  Can you smell the smoked sausage?   It was wonderful....
 Mike trying to make decisions on how much.....of everything!;)
Parallel 44 winery, nice local wines!  Mike, Jane and Joyce (Mikes mom) agree!
Jane and Joyce getting a lesson on grape growing
Lovely view from Parallel 44 across the vineyards to the neighboring farm
Next was Von Stiehl, also nice and local.  Cool old building!
And our last wine stop, Red Oak.  Import a lot of CA grapes but still some nice wines!! 

live music, a bonus!
We bought lots of cheese at Krohns but I spaced taking pics!  Great day!

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  1. It was all the pics of cheese! ;-) That sausage looked awesome.


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