Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Arbor Vitae, MI, Snowshoe Baseball

Yesterday we moved to Arbor Vitae, MI.  Looks just like Two Harbors, MN, but not as many mosquitoes for which I am grateful!  Not yet anyway, our first hike will probably be tomorrow....so we'll see;)

When we arrived yesterday, we went to the local info center as we often do and Beth told us that one of the must do things here in the area is the summer snowshoe baseball on Monday nights in Lake Tomahawk.  Well Lake Tomahawk is just a few miles down the road and last night was Monday night so we went to check it out!  What fun!

Unfortunately, we did not know we could get dinner there.  At the game they served brats and pie among other things, the pie being locally baked.  Mike had a piece of pecan pie which was yummy!

practicing with the 16 inch baseballs


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