Monday, March 16, 2015

Martin Dies Jr. SP

Arrived at Martin Dies Jr. SP Friday afternoon only to find out, and not for the first time lately, that the hiking/biking trails were closed due to rain.  We managed to get in a nice walk on the roads in the park however and were informed that though the trails were closed, the canoeing trails were open!  So Saturday we spent the day(about 5 hours) in a canoe on the lake!  Weather was great!  Sun!  Temp in the high 50s low 60s but with 80+ percent humidity, it feels good.

Had a great time exploring the shorelines winding our way through the trees looking for gators....did not find any but saw a water moccasin swimming across the water in front of us!  And, of course, herons, turtles and a kingfisher!

Yesterday, Sunday, we went for a nice bike ride and found one of the trails partially open so that was a bonus!  Today we head out for our last state park in Texas!  Village Creek SP.  Then it's on into Louisiana!

morning mist on the lake with the first sun we've seen in a week coming up

nice spot overlooking the lake
Heading out on our canoe adventure..
It was really beautiful....

Cormorant Tree;)

love it when they pose!
 Seeing the water moccasin was a thrill!  He moved very quickly across the water with that thick body!

 We played bumper trees in this area!


  1. What a great canoe trip! LOVE the snake sighting, how amazing to see it gliding over the water!

  2. It was amazing Lisa, and we got to watch him go quite a long way before he disappeared into some floating grasses!


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