Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Village Creek State Park, Lumberton, TX

Well this is our last state park and last place we'll be staying in Texas for a while.  It has been a memorable 4 months and we have only seen a portion of this large state!

Yesterday we hiked in the park doing what trails, or parts of trails we could.  Though the trails were open, there was a lot of water and very muddy conditions to contend with.  However, as you can see we had a great butterfly day!  And flowers are starting to bloom everywhere.

 The vegetation in this area is very dense, almost jungle like:
 These pretty yellow flowers are called Carolina Jessamine and grow on a vine which can be found growing and draping itself throughout the area on any and every type of tree.  Parts of the trails were littered with these flowers!

 I was thrilled when this swallowtail posed for me!

zebra swallowtail

 My first skink pic, I believe!
 Part of Village Creek, you can see how hight the water is.....


  1. I did not know what to expect in TX and am amazed at how dense the forests are. Now that the leaves are popping out it's going to get even more dense!

    More rain for us this weekend...if it stops after that for a good bit I am told the flowers will really start blooming!

    1. TX def turned out to be a lot different experience than we had originally expected Lisa!


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