Sunday, March 22, 2015

Houmas House Plantation, Baton Rouge, LA

Mike and I are spending a week in Baton Rouge, LA, getting reacquainted with some family members of mine that I have not seen in many decades.  We have also done a bit of sightseeing though and spent a couple of hours having lunch at and walking the gardens of this beautiful plantation, the Houmas House.  A delightful afternoon followed up by a stop by the only brewery we could find in Baton Rouge, the Tin Roof:

the giant old oaks around the house were just stunning!

 After lunch we were treated to some lovely singing by this group in the garden.
 The beautiful oak in the foreground below is estimated to be 300 years old:

 The birds had a pretty fancy house on
on this plantation!
 It is the only brewery in Baton Rouge but it's
a good one!  We enjoyed their beers:)


  1. Now that is a Southern plantation! Gorgeous!

  2. Yes it was! And the food at the cafe was yummy!;)


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