Thursday, March 5, 2015

Leaving Brazos Bend SP, Bye Bye Gators!

We have not stayed in many state parks because, quite frankly, I like to be able to take a shower without worrying about running out of water or filling up the holding tank because we do not have sewer.  Some state parks do have full hook ups but not many.

Brazos does not have sewer either but every now and then I figure I can slum it;)  We are about to find out how much I can really do that because this is the first of 6 state parks we will be staying in over the next couple of weeks.  Not a lot of other RV parks to choose from.

Having said that, I would, and want, to come back to Brazos Bend in a heartbeat!  We chose this park because of it's proximity to Houston and the space center.  We did not know at the time that is home to over 300 alligators!!!!

The park is full of hiking and biking trails many of which take you through alligator infested kidding!  It's awesome!  If you don't see gators while you are here you must open your eyes!    Especially as there is likely to be one on the path!  We have spent the past 2 days hiking and biking the park to see as many of them as we can and enjoying every minute of it.

In addition to the gators, we have seen some new water fowl for cool!  Would love to visit this park again with the same conditions, during the week and in the early spring.

Lesser Blue Heron


Spoonbill and gator

juvenile Lesser Blue Heron and turtles

Female and babies, one on her back and one below her back foot,  others were close by...

here are a couple more, one is looking straight at you under the other one.....

this little guy is swimming to Mom

Black Bellied Whistlers

Yep, it was lunch time for this guy, a nice plump Nutria.  The park worker told us this guy had been there for a couple of days with the nutria in it's mouth.  On our way back by this one later in the day he had finished the nutria but will still in the same spot looking very satisfied;)

Great Horned Owl


  1. Fabulous shots! Makes me want to go to that park!

  2. And you two should! It was awesome! Nice sites as well, trees, grass, tons of space in-between. No sewer, but water and 30 amp. Lots of hiking/biking!

  3. The turtle looks like he's dancing :)


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