Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Last of Texas....For Now! Big Thicket NP

Had to mention our last day in Texas.  We drove to a few different areas of the Big Thicket National Preserve which encompasses 15 remnant areas totaling 108 thousand acres.  As the name suggests, it is all about thicketed forest land, lush and with lots of water.

We did as much walking as possible as we had to do some turning back on trails due to flooding again but had a very enjoyable time, in-between the rain drops, enjoying some of Americas first National Preserve.  Between the dwarf palmetto palm's and the magnolia trees, this area has a very tropical feel.  Oh, did I mention, mosquitoes???  We had to start dealing with them about a week ago;)

zebra swallowtail

tufted titmouse

 This is a Pitcher Plant.  They are very prevalent in one area of the thicket.  I was lucky to get this pic as they do not really start growing until next month.  It is an carnivorous plant that attracts insects to the inside of the "pitcher" where they are digested!

eastern bluebird

 Those are magnolia trees on either side of the trail:

 Once again, thrilled with a good butterfly pic!
Black Swallowtail

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