Friday, March 6, 2015

Stephen F Austin State Park, TX

Yes, we are at Stephen F Austin SP now for a couple of days, but I must put one more set of pics up from Brazos.  So here they are:

A Great Blue Heron was working on her nest when her mate joined her.....

Right next to our path

White Faced kidding!  Isn't it beautiful?

 These two American Bitterns got into it because one stepped into the others territory!  The winner below has a feather in it's beak as he watched the other run off!

7 full grown gators in this pic!!

egret photo bombing the Black Bellied Whistlers:)

 This young female and her young were fun to watch and a bit closer to me so I got some nicer pics! The female was small,  maybe her first hatching.  They have their first about 8 years old.

In the pic below, the little one closest to her tail got gently swept into the water when she pulled her tail up onto the log.  The youngster got right out of the water and joined his siblings:)


  1. Wonderful shots! I love the irridescent feathers on the Ibis and the baby gators are pretty darn cute and the egret photo bombing is great!

    1. Put this spot on your future plans;)


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