Friday, March 13, 2015

Arrived Martin Dies Jr. SP, TX

We were only at Lake Livingston SP for 2 nights and are happy we went for a hike our afternoon of arrival, Wednesday, as it rained all day again yesterday. Not much hiking at that park but we did do a nice nature walk that was all on a raised walkway.  These are pics from Lake Livingston SP.

Here we are in our space at Lake Livingston. Once again, we had to use blocks to level Paradise. Notice the water along the road.

 This is a view from our door.  Really felt for all the folks in tents!
It is definately wetland right now!  

Eastern Redbud in bloom

caught a juicy worm!

Lake Livingston is a very large lake!

must be a mocking bird, sang a lot of diff songs!!

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