Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Huntsville State Park, TX

Left Huntsville SP this morning for Lake Livingston SP where we will be till Friday the 13th.

Huntsville is comprised of Raven Lake and a forest of Loblolly Pines.    It's been a while since we have seen hills and trees other than oaks. Though a scenic place, there was not a level site in the entire park.  We tried to make Paradise level in one space and gave up. Moved to another space we thought would work better and had to settle for being a little off any way. Poor Mike spent an hour out in the rain trying to level us with blocks.

It rained steadily through the second day there but when we got out yesterday for a walk, thinking it was going to be on the roads because we had 6 inches of rain, we found the trail surprisingly dry enough and got in a good 7 1/2 mile hike.  The entire campground sloped toward the lake providing good drainage but lousy sites;)

Lots of pretty tree fungi in the area.

 Lake Raven has signs posted of possible alligators but they have a swimming area!  Swim at your own risk certainly applies here!

 I had run out of battery on my camera and did not have a back up battery when I spotted this growth on a tree.  I had Mike take some pics on his phone but I sure missed my camera then. ( Always take a back up battery Keyna!!!! Will I ever learn!!)


  1. 6 inches of rain!!!! Yikes! This weather is not what we envisioned when we planned on TX in the winter! Sure makes for some nice fungus though!

  2. Yes, I must say Lisa, we sure would like to see a little more of the sun! It has been so humid though, it makes you wonder how comfortable we would be with the sun shining;)


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