Sunday, January 15, 2012

Apache Junction, Montezuma's Castle?

This past Wednesday, we drove up to Prescott to check out a motorhome we are interested in upgrading to. We made it an overnight trip and stopped first at a cliff dwelling called Montezuma's Castle.  As you can see, it is pretty amazing in that it is virtually intact.  This is one you have to view from a distance, no one is allowed in it to preserve it.

We then stopped by the Alcantara Winery!  Yep, about time for another winery eh?  That was fun, of course.  Then it was on to the Verde Valley Train.....but that is for tomorrow!

You see Montezuma's Castle on the right and Castle "A" on the left through the trees.

vines don't look promising this time of year do they?

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