Saturday, January 14, 2012

Apache Junction, Upper Cliff Dwelling Tonto Natl Monument

Here is our full moon hike!  We did indeed go back to Tonto National Monument to do the hike last Monday night.  Wow!  I love hiking under a full moon, it is like a different world.  We did have flashlights but they were not needed much.

This is the Upper Cliff dwelling.  No artificial lights overhead, just the moon.  Looked beautiful out over Lake Roosevelt and you can see it in several of the pictures in the background.  We were with a group of 12 which included 2 rangers.  Great experience!

Upper Cliff Dwelling in the distance

Lake Roosevelt

We're off!

Jan is giving us some interesting info

First pic of dwelling

Moon over Lake Roosevelt

Moon through doorway

The Salado averaged 5'2". We had to bend over inside!

Time to leave:(

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