Sunday, January 8, 2012

Apache Junction, Cliff Dwelling!

When we arrived at Roosevelt National Rec Area visitors center, we learned of a cliff dwelling at Tonto National Monument right down the road!  So we ended up the day getting 2 stamps for our national parks passport and seeing lots of beautiful scenery, a dam, a cliff dwelling and a couple of shots of the moon coming up between the saguaros!  Nice day!

These ruins were built by the Salado not the Anasazi.  That was new for me and very exciting.  When there we learned of another cliff dwelling close by but only attainable by going with a ranger.  They are having a full moon hike to the other dwelling on Monday.  We have signed up and are going back!

view of Roosevelt Lake walking up to dwelling

Almost there, this was an easy, half mile paved walk

detail of floor beams still intact

floor boards gone but used to be 2 stories!

Happy to be here!

The Indians had a nice view from their home!

a favorite shot

Nice, huh?

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