Sunday, January 29, 2012

Apache Junction, Ontario CA

Yep, we are in Ontario for the moment.  We went to the RV Show in Quartzite on Thurs and then drove out to see my brother Paul for  couple of days before he leaves tomorrow for Turkey.  Turns out we were able to help him out a little bit by visiting so that worked well.  We were also happy to attend a farewell party for Paul and a lot of folks showed up that I was happy to see again and/or got to meet.  That was fun.

We were not able to get on the internet on Friday and yesterday was just too darn busy:)  Today we head back to AZ but will be visiting Prescott again where we may, finally, be ordering our new motorhome!  We will see.  It does look good though.

Last Monday, Mike and I went to the Riparian Preserve in Gilbert where we saw lots of water fowl and migrating was great!

Great White Heron just caught his breakfast


tail ends of Pintails


Green Backed Heron


Green Backed Heron with neck stretched!!

Geese even seem to swim in formation!

Looks like he is standing on a couple of twigs!

Blue Heron

American Kestrel aka Canary Hawk

Cute couple

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