Monday, January 16, 2012

Apache Junction, Verde Valley Train Ride

The Verde Valley near Cottonwood, AZ is home to bald eagles and golden eagles part of the year.  There is no road through the valley but the Verde Valley Train will gladly take you through the valley and you get the train ride, scenery, and hopefully, eagle sightings.  We got all three, what fun!

We saw at least 6 bald eagles, one golden eagle and possibly an osprey, cliff dwellings and red tail hawks.  We also saw a group of javelinas which was a first for me and very exciting.  They are wild pigs and can be very dangerous.  All and all it was a very successful trip!  I'm just sorry I could not get more and better pics of the birds.  It is very difficult to take a pic of a moving object from a moving object!!

getting ready to board

great views from the outside car

slag heap from copper mine

red tail hawk

cliff dwelling

even a tunnel!

eagles nest

had to move the engines from one end to the other for return trip

crossing a bridge

bald eagle

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