Sunday, April 15, 2012

Istanbul Turkey, Walk about town

We leave tomorrow!  It's been a great 2 weeks here with Paul and Pnar in Istanbul but we must head back to the US.  I have a lot more of Istanbul and the island we visited this weekend but it may be a couple of days before I can continue as we will be flying back tomorrow morning and it's a lonnnngggg flight!

Here are some pics from a walk around this area of town.  This is what it looks like in the residential section of Istanbul:

everyone has a washer but most don't have dryers, hence the clotheslines everywhere!

You can not look anywhere without seeing at least one minaret in the picture

Istanbul is built on hills like San Francisco
we stopped here for a beer

all the buildings have some identifying artwork to make them unique

a local street market

nothing quit like the smell of freshly baked bread!

these 2 girls asked to see their picture on my camera

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  1. small note... About everyone has a washing machine and NO one owns a dryer, at least not in our "homicidal neighborhood". By the way, the pix of the neighborhood don't do it justice - the pix r much nicer!


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