Thursday, April 5, 2012

Istanbul Turkey, Wedding Day!!!

Here are photos of the day that many, OK, all of us never thought would happen with Paul.......that's what we get for thinking!:)  We wish Paul and Pnar a very happy future together!!!

A bit of background though.  You will not see an exchange of rings during the very short ceremony as the happy couple in Turkey traditionally exchanges rings during the engagement at a family event prior to the wedding day...Paul and Pnar skipped that ceremony and just exchanged rings and then told her family.

The civil ceremony is about the same length of time as in the US.  The couple walks into the room after all the audience is seated and sits facing the audience with the judge off to the right at the same table.  They sign the marriage book but no verbal vows are exchanged....just a simple "I do" or "evet" marks the end of the ceremony.  Then they greet everyone who attended in a receiving line.

Here is the beautiful couples happy moment:

The blushing bride to be

Any notable nervousness??

Everyone is just about seated.....

Here they come!

Talk about being put on the spot:)

Witnesses, Serhat and Ozlem, on left...

Judge on the right.....

They each sign the book and say "evet".....

...and are now man and wife!

Come here wife and let me plant a wet one!

congrats, congrats

Myself, Keyna, on left and Ozlem, good friend, on right

Aunt "Ulfet" on the left and mother "Sema" on the right 

We were so happy to have been able to make this momentous occasion!

now back to the happy couple

.....and they will live happily ever after


  1. So exciting! Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you all! Mom, thanks for posting this momentous occasion.

    1. Wishing Paul and Pnar happiness and joy forever. How nice to see your wonderful pictures Keyna and see how the day unfolded. The bride looked absolutely lovely and the groom looked as sharp as ever. Liza and send our regards to all the family there. We would have really liked to have been there, short ceremony or not. But we sent our thoughts to the east that day instead.


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