Monday, April 23, 2012

Las Vegas NV, Istanbul after the Blue Mosque

Yes we are back in Las Vegas for about a week and a half.....well sort of.  Mike will be here for the duration but I will be going up to WA to visit my daughter and son-in-law, Felicia and Jeff, for 5 days during this time. Yay

After we saw the Blue Mosque, we walked the streets some more checking out the local architecture and color and then Mike and I attended a performance of the Mevlevi. The "dance"actually stems from a solemn religious ceremony and was very interesting.  We were not allowed to take pictures but you can see some of the dancers in the poster below.  You may have also heard the dancers referred to as "whirling dervishes".

post office

Inside the still used post office museum

entrance to the bazaar

street vender selling roasted corn, corn is a real novelty over here

hostess at the show

The setting of the Hodjapasha show.  Look at the old building we were in.

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