Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Las Vegas, Istanbul and the Aya Sophia

I think we are on April 13th now.  On that day we crossed once again over the Bosporus to visit the Aya Sophia.  This was a christian cathedral taken over by Muslims who, because it was a beautiful structure, turned it into a mosque.  They covered all the walls with plaster hiding christian mosaics and other beautiful artwork.  Many years ago it was no longer being used as a mosque and various groups from all over began to uncover the mosaics.  The work was stopped and the place opened up as a museum so that all can see both influences.  Very cool:

Looks like a mosque down below but if you look up you can see the Virgin Mary

view of the Blue Mosque from the upper floor of Aya Sophia

lunch at a nearby cafe, see Paul in the mirror?

caught him with his mouth full;)

another form of transportation, the incliner  

cats everywhere in this city!!

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