Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Istanbul Turkey, The Day After....the wedding!

The day after Paul and Pnar wed we went with them to the police station, "downtown" to check on the next step in Paul's residency.  We had to take a ferry and cross the Bosphorus to do so.  Any running around here in Istanbul is an adventure as most people don't have cars.  It is a city of 25 million and it is kind of silly to buy a car when the public transportation is so good.  However, it does take more time and planning and one does have to keep that in mind.  So if you do have business to take care of, you mix it with pleasure if at all possible....and that is what we did.  No pictures of the police station as it was a boring looking government building.

the local mosque, we see the minarets from our bed window

Happy newlyweds 

on the ferry...

about a 20 minute ride

Resim yazısı ekle

a picture of another ferry to show you what ours looks like

left to right, the blue mosque, Aya Sophia, and Topcappa Palace across the sea

Maiden island

enjoying some roasted chestnuts!

The colorful boats cook your fish to order....they are floating kitchens!
The pass the cooked fish to the waiter who serves you

The Galata Tower in the distance

We had lunch at a restaurant on the Galata Bridge

Our waiter tried to tempt us with some fresh fish.....

we settled for this little fish dish, very yummy actually

Statue outside the police station

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