Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Queen Valley AZ, Cistern in Istanbul

We are back in the US, Queen Valley, AZ, to be exact.  Will still be putting pics of Istanbul up though.

The trip back was pretty crazy.  It was an hour and a half taxi ride to the airport.  Once in the plane, it was an hour and a half before we were cleared for take off.  Couple of hours into the flight we made an unplanned stop due to a security issue in Dublin, Ireland.  An 11 hour flight turned into 16 hours and we missed our connecting flight in New York so we spent the night at a hotel near JFK then took a flight yesterday morning to get us back to Apache Junction.  We drove Paradise to Queen Valley today and will stay here till Sunday morning.  We will be attending Pat and Cathys daughter, Brenna, and CJ's wedding on Saturday.....and the weather forecast is 100 degrees for Sat.!

On Apr 9th, we went downtown Istanbul to The Cistern.  It is the only known fully excavated cistern known to exist even though once there were hundreds underground all over Istanbul.  These huge underground rooms were built to store water for the city.  It was very interesting to see the carvings on the columns even though the people then never did as they were under water under ground!

We were close to the Blue Mosque so a couple of pics......

The German Fountain presented as a gift to Istanbul

Inside the Cistern

medusa heads at the base of these one knows why

back out in the square

dinner that night at Sema's, Pnars mother

Sema, Ulfet, Pnar, Paul and Mike

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  1. Thanx for the Internet fame. Gave us more than our 15 minutes of fame :)


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