Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ridgefield WA, Istanbul our last 2 days part 1

It is a beautiful morning here in Ridgefield as I write this blog.  I am facing a window overlooking the backyard and patch of forest beyond.  The sunlight is playing hide and seek through the clouds and it is lovely.

On our last 2 days in Istanbul we ferried over to one of the Princess Islands, a string of islands off the coast of Turkey that are actually still considered part of Istanbul.  We spent a night at a pension.....yes the one you see in the pictures below.  Quite a once in a lifetime experience;)  It looks like it is falling apart because it is.  As you can see it is a very old building and you may wonder why they don't keep it up.  Well it seems these old houses are considered historic and the government does not allow them to tear them down and rebuild but at the same time, the people who own them can't afford to restore them properly so they simply don't.  The people who can afford to do and there are some beautiful houses on the island.

the town square

satisfying a sweet tooth

our floor at the pension with rooms across from each other

Pnar is a happy camper

view from pension

always a good time for ice cream

view from pension

the "Ideal" pension

nice if you have the money to restore

we had a delicious breakfast sitting outside this cafe where meat is being prepared for the day

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