Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ridgefield WA, Istanbul Princess Island part 2

Our last day in Istanbul turned out to be very nice.  We were still on the Princess Island and took a horse "taxi" up to an old church, yes a christian church.  The church is on a hill over looking the sea and Istanbul.  It is a steep walk and the faithful used to do it barefoot or even on their knees as a form of devotion.  We did see a couple of people barefoot.

We enjoyed some very nice views and a small meal at the top before heading back to finish up our weekend.  Had a great time in Istanbul, time to head back to the USA

Negotiating the "taxi" fare

tight squeeze

church is on the hill

the walk up the hill

Paul practices his sword trick

Pnar says thats enough!

we have to head back

that was fun

a little color in the town

back in PandP's flat see how close the mosque is to our bedroom. 5 times a day we heard the call to prayer.....once in the middle of the night...every night!

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