Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Prescott AZ, Day 2

We arrived at Affinity RV Sunday afternoon.  It has been nice and sunny, thank goodness, because the temps have been getting down in the 20s at night.

We have had some interesting "luck" with our motorhome and Affinity.  Sunday night our heat went out.  No electric or gas heat.  Luckily, we had just purchased a small space heater in case of emergency!  It turned out to be the thermostat.  The  last time we were here, the gas heat went out and it was a switch on the furnace that went.  Weird.  Especially on a new motorhome I think.  So our heat problems went to the top of the list of things needing warranty repairs and had to be taken care of before we could have the things we came back for repaired!

The water heater which was leaking and had been repeatedly worked on, was replaced this time and seems to be good now.  Everything has been addressed except the noise the furnace is making which seems to be unsolvable so Affinity is going to add some foam insulation around the furnace to, hopefully, lessen the noise.  We may be out of here tomorrow afternoon.  Our next stop is Yuma for a month.

In the meantime, I got out for a walk by Prescott Lake this afternoon and took a few pics:


frozen waterfall between the rocks

some Canadian Geese sharing the lake with a variety of duck

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  1. Great pics! We'll have to get up to Prescott some time.

    Hans and I will be in Winterhaven/Yuma for 3 nights starting 1/19 (weather permitting). We are staying at Rivers Edge RV Park in Winterhaven. Where are you staying?


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