Saturday, January 12, 2013

Yuma AZ, Telegraph Hill

Our first hike in Yuma was a workout with a 1200 foot elevation change!  We climbed the Telegraph Hill Trail which is a 2 mile trail of which the last 3/4 mile is an 800ft elevation climb.  Which means its so steep in places you are walking on your toes.  But going up a steep hill like this is not as bad as coming down as that is much harder on the knees.
hitting the trail, you can see the communications towers in the distance, thats where we are headed

about halfway there, look at that path!

looking back at the flat Yuma valley

quite the workout

panorama from the top

looking across the valley into California you can see enormous sand dunes, we'll be checking those out!

a look down on our jeep from the top of the hill

Hi Y'all


  1. That one's on my list to do in about a week!

    1. What date Lisa? Any possibility of hooking up?


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