Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yuma AZ, The Yuma Project

The Quartermaster Depot sat abandoned for years until the Bureau of Reclamation moved in to use it as headquarters for The Yuma Project.  Did you know that Yuma is an agricultural area?  As a matter of fact, Yuma is the winter lettuce growing capital of the world.  You will drive through fields and fields of the leafy stuff just coming into town.

The Yuma Project, begun in 1905, was initiated to bring water from the Colorado River into the area to grow crops.  It was a huge engineering project to build an underground tunnel and siphon to move water from the river into the city through an irrigation channel.  Very interesting.  There was also a siphon built on the California side:


this is where the siphon moves the water into the canal

nearby, a kayaker on the Colorado River

this wooden passenger car was on display at the Depot

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