Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Yuma AZ, The Peanut Patch

The Peanut Patch was on our list of places to visit as we heard they offered a free tour twice a week and we thought it would be cool to see peanuts growing up close.....but of course they no longer grow peanuts at the Peanut Patch.

Nevertheless, we had a good time there because the owner makes it her job to educate people on how peanuts grow and are harvested and recites the history of the Peanut Patch which did, at one time, cover 160 acres of peanut plants until the white fly came into the area and killed off the peanut industry in this part of the country.  Now peanuts are brought in and are made into peanut butter, brittle, sold as is, blanched, roasted, with, without salt in several varieties.

The Peanut Patch also makes candy and after a class in peanut growing and harvesting, the owner took us through the candy kitchen and we sampled peanuts and fudge....and bought some peanuts and fudge!

a peanut roaster for small quantities

old peanut combine

large roaster, for 100lbs of peanuts
yep, it's a peanut plant

the candy kitchen....

and there are chocolates being made.....mmmmm

fresh ground peanut butter, no additives

17 lbs of peanut brittle on the slab....don't touch!
 After the Peanut Patch, we drove to the historic section of Yuma.  A few elegant old buildings but most of the historic buildings downtown were empty and in bad need of care and renovation:

loved this building.......

now the Gowan Co. you can see it used to be the post office
this tiny little building used to be first a store in 1875 then a wedding chapel till 1957

after walking around town, we dined at a German restaurant, Das Bratwurst Haus, it was good!

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