Thursday, January 10, 2013

Yuma, AZ

Yes, we finished up at the dealership in Prescott this morning and beat feet down here to Yuma before the strong winds blew in!  While the staff at the the dealership was friendly, we hope to not see them for a verrry long time!

Just to recap our 3 trips to Prescott to fix warranty items, here are some of the fixes:

-hot water heater leak - Changed the valve out twice and finally put in a new hot water heater
-changed out the main thermostat
-changed out the limit switch on the furnace which fixed that problem but created a loud noise that was finally fixed by changing out the entire furnace
-replaced the red-colored decals on the motorhome that were touching the windows and had wrinkled in those areas
-replaced a defective head lamp
-spent days and a dozen test runs tracking down a rogue chime in the dashboard
-fixed a bubble in the flooring
-wall paper around the window on the door had to be fixed
-had to "lift" the big slide to remove a foreign object that was gouging a line in the flooring
-replaced bedroom picture that was messed up........

Yes, there were more.  Crazy huh?  Hopefully it is all behind us now!!

There appears to be a lot to do in the Yuma area and we are looking forward to checking it all out.  In the mean time, here are a few pics from a couple of hikes we did in the Black Canyon area that I did not post before now:

an old mine in the background and an old boot stuck on the trail marker, make one wonder about the former owner of the boot, hmmm

this area had a lot of this colorful slate rock..........
.........where the rock poked up out of the earth looked to me kind of like headstones in a cemetary

all along the BCT these gates also provided a bike bridge, I had not seen this before

not colorful, but I was pleased with the detail

we surprised this buck on a trail

some parts of the BCT  was definitely for hard core bikers

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