Friday, January 25, 2013

Yuma AZ, Yuma Territorial Prison

Ahhh, always interesting, an Alcatraz type prison in the desert.  The Yuma Territorial Prison made a very memorable morning out:

Main guard tower

This is a double gated entryway.  The prisoner wagon was driven into the "room"and then the front gates closed behind them.  Then the inner gates were opened to allow access to the prison

a few of the inmates and why they were in prison....

Yes, Pearl was also an inmate

Hollywood did use the prison a few times

The inmates had several shops in which to make things.  This lacework was knitted by a male inmate.  It is beautiful!

Cell blocks

This is where you went if you misbehaved......

....a strap steel bar cage in the middle of the floor of a room dug out of the hillside.  Only the bottom of the cage remains.

You were put in here with nothing but your underwear on.  One meal a day of bread and water. No Toilet. A small vent in the ceiling with a little shaft of light.  It was not solitary because if more than one person was in need of The Cell, you all went in together......remember, no toilet

You can see the name "Pete" and year 1889 near the inside corner of the entry to this cell

I'm standing in the doorway of a cell in the newer wing. No better conditions, just whitwashed

The cells had two bunk beds stacked 3 high with one pot to piss in, literally. The iron beds were installed after years of dealing with horrific bedbugs.  

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