Saturday, October 12, 2013

Salmon Pueblo, Bloomfield, NM

We drove south just into New Mexico to visit Salmon Pueblo ruins.  Very nice!!  This pueblo was discovered by the Salmon family when they homesteaded on the land and they watched over it until they sold it to the state and it was partially excavated.  So we not only got to visit the pueblo but also the Salmon homestead.

The great kiva in the courtyard area

Salmon family house

the bunkhouse

root celler
Then we drove back up to Durango, CO.....

Stater Hotel,  I stayed there some years ago in a room that was reported to be haunted.

Just so happened it was Homecoming parade time!!
 Then to the Barley Exchange for beers and dinner!!


  1. that Barley Exchange looks like my kind of spot...

  2. What a great day...ruins and the cute town of Durango! Life is good on the road!

  3. What?? Keyna is drinking a beer! Cheers!

    1. Hans, Hans, Hans, I drink beer! Just not that bitter stuff!!!;)


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