Friday, October 25, 2013

Elephant Butte Lake

We went to Elephant Butte Lake to take a look around and walked a couple of short hikes.  It reminded me so much of Lake Mead near Las Vegas.  The water level so low after so many years of drought.

First wild life sighting,  next we saw a deer but could not get a pic, she was moving fast!
 Could not walk across the dam, just like at Hoover Dam, but here there is noooo water anywhere near the dam as you can see!!

Not great pics of butterflies.....but dang, they are fast!!!!

statue dedicated to the CCC

this is the lave cone that gave Elephant Butte its name, can you see the elephant profile facing left??

A few of the buildings erected by the CCC and no longer in use....

Elephant Butte Dam 

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