Tuesday, October 15, 2013

In and around Hovenweep National Monument

Today we packed up and made the short trip to Gallup, NM, where we will be for the next week.  As I mentioned yesterday, however, I must do two more posts to finish up Cortez as it was so amazing!

Here are a few more ruins we visited in and near Hovenweep NM.  How, you say, because it is closed???  It does have a main gate and visitors center and these are closed but if you drive around the back of the monument, you can access most of the ruins with no problem. We ran into rangers a couple of times and they were not only cool with it, they were helpful in guiding us:


  1. What wonderful ruins! I knew we had more to look forward to when we return to the area! So glad there was a back way in for you!

  2. We are happy we made the effort to check it out! When you do get back over there, check out the Guy Drew Winery which is near the trailhead for Canyon of the Ancients. Very nice! We bought a couple bottles of their wine:)


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