Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lowry Pueblo and Painted Hand

We checked out another pueblo very similar to Salmon Ruins only Lowry is much closer to us just west of Hovenweep NM.  This one had been excavated more and a roof erected over part of it to protect it.  We were also able to go inside and that was cool.

this is where we entered the pueblo

 Then we drove over to Painted Hand Pueblo, a freestanding pueblo site on the edge of a mesa.  No reconstruction or excavation here:

the thinking is that these towers were perhaps used as watch towers for protection

watch tower above and living quarters below??

look carefully for the white paint handprints

note the petroglyphs in the upper right

this little guy looks healthy:)

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  1. Great tarantula photo! Love the colors of the rock behind the painted hand pueblo.


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