Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall colors in the Rockies!

We spent last night in the town of Del Norte right on the Rio Grande river.  The first few pics were taken there.  Then we drove Hwy 160 through the Rockies and on through Mesa Verde to Cortez where we will be spending a week.  As you can see the ride was just stunning!  All the fall colors were brilliant!

So here we are in Cortez originally thinking we would be exploring Mesa Verde NP and Hovenweep NM......which are, of course, closed due to the government shut down.  We will find plenty to do and I guess we'll just have to come back this way again some day when our government is fully functioning.

Please enjoy the colors:

Yes, that is us parked on the right!

You guessed it, it is called "Chimney Rock"


  1. Nice fall colors! I wonder if you can still explore the trails in Canyons of the Ancients? Here is my post on Sand Canyon...an awesome hike: http://metamorphosisroad.blogspot.com/2013/05/sand-canyon-hiking-through-land-of.html

  2. Mike found Sand Canyon on line and was telling me about it when I read your comment;) I had remembered reading the post from this past spring but had not recalled that it was this area. We did go out there as you will be able to see sometime today. I agree with you, one of the best hikes ever!!!! We hope to get back out there and check out more of the neighboring canyons:)


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