Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ghost Towns??

I've always thought of ghost towns as no longer inhabited so when we decided to tour some nearby ghost towns we did not expect to find much.  Turns out these NM ghost towns are still inhabited, just merely ghosts of their former days.  So we found small but still active communities with old buildings or ruins of buildings scattered throughout.....with the exception of Chloride which is a tiny tourist attraction with a cafe, gift shop and museum.  It has about 11 full time residents.

San Ignacio church in Monticello first built in 1867

San Lorenzo church in Placita

San Jose church with 1880s building in background.  Town of Cuchillo

1890 school house in Winston

the town of Chloride

Mr. Edmund ,on the right, owns the museum and gave us a personal tour.  Hopefully you can read the storyboard above.

when we saw this sign outside Winston, we had to see what a zeolite mine looked like....

and there it is.  zeolite is a microporous mineral used commercially in laundry detergent among other you know;)

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