Monday, December 16, 2013

Chiricahua in the Rain and Fog

Trip number 3 to Chiricahua NM was a couple of days ago when the forecast was 30% chance of rain.....all of it seemed to be falling in the monument as we drove down that way.  We decided to continue, however, because you know how the weather can change....or maybe we would see snow falling up high....or waterfalls, who knows.

 It was pretty well socked in up high so after a while of hanging around hoping for change, we drove back down the mountain and lo and behold it was clearing up down below so we did the Natural Bridge hike.
We did the hike as it was clearing up and had a lovely hike.  Then on our way back it started to cloud over and we knew more rain was coming!  Caught the window though and it was great!  We knew the sunset would be pretty with all the clouds and lighting storms we could see over the playa so we stopped to watch that....pretty!

still beautiful though!!

this Mexican Jay looks grainy because at this time the fog was enveloping us

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Natural Bridge

so much fun to watch the clouds flow into the canyons!

sunset over the Wilcox Playa

Sandhill Cranes at dusk

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  1. Love the moodiness of the cloudy photos! What a sunset!


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