Friday, December 6, 2013

Second Trip to Chiracahua

I was really looking forward to getting back up high at Chiracahua to see all the hoodoo, spires and other wonderful formations again!  We made it out right before the cold moved in and had another beautiful day up there as you can see!  This place should be a national park....but I'm kinda glad it isn't;)

Mushroom Rock, yep some of them have official names;)

Mike is looking at Big Balanced Rock, weighs approx 1,000 tons and 22 ft in dia.

Big Balanced Rock again on the right

Kissing Rocks

Punch and Judy in background

Thors Hammer

Camel Head

Old Woman

Pinnacle Balanced Rock


  1. I LOVE that place! Unique rocks are just so awesome!

    1. Yes, and it's so nice having the place practically to yourself!:)

  2. Replies
    1. Yes it is! You must do it someday!


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