Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Dragoon Stagecoach Stop

On the west side of the Dragoons not far from the Cochise Stronghold lie the ruins of a stagecoach stop.  Once again, finding out the stop was involved in the Civil War is very interesting!

After checking out the ruins, we walked up the small canyon behind them into the Dragoons.  Followed the creek bed up.  That is always fun!

looking back down from the Dragoons to the town of Dragoon

had to pull over on the way back to watch a machine shake the pecan trees!  Fun...

here is a before....

and after!

check out them horns!!!!

couple of better pics of a Harrier Hawk

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  1. Love that you got to see the pecan harvesting action. I never knew what time of year was harvest time till now!


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