Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Coronado National Forest

Sorry about the delay folks, once again the internet:(
Going to try a small posting hoping I can get it out!

We took a drive north up toward Safford to the Coronado National Forest to scout out trails for future and to check out the area.  Lots of hunters, do not feel very comfortable with all those guns in the area;)

We passed a herd of antelope along the way resting in the middle of a crop field quite a distance from us.  They looked comfortable out there;)

Not much to say about this area of the forest, no where near as spectacular as the Chiricahua area.  However, we did see the largest herd of deer I have ever seen!  There were over 30 does and young ones in this herd.  And, we also saw a hunter driving out their buck for the season. Kinda sad on one hand but you know the meat will be used and the forests do become overcrowded.

there was a lot of variety in the foliage, several diff kinds of trees

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