Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mikes Birthday

We did not have high hopes for a good place to eat here in Willcox for Mikes birthday and Mike had decided to cook steaks so he could have his just the way he likes Thursday we did a little wine tasting here in Willcox in the afternoon on that cold, rainy day....and Janie at Carlson Winery told us about a Lawrence Dunham wine dinner at Sunglow Ranch.  She called for us and they had seats available so we made a reservation!  Talk about timeing!

We had to drive quite a ways but it was definitely worth it!  We started out the day driving to the Amerind Museum in Dragoon  which was great but they would not allow pics so I have nothing to share from there.  From the museum we drove to Sunglow Ranch, a B&B located 10 miles south of Chiricahua NM, in the middle of no where.  Lovely though!  We made some new friends, had good food and enjoyed the Lawrence Dunham wines served:

wine tasting at KeelingSchaefer on Thurs afternoon...

Then over the tracks to Carlson Winery....

Where Janie helped us get hooked up with the dinner at Sunglow Ranch

Friday, first stop was the Amerind Museum....

As I said, no pics!!!!!  It was awesome though!

Drive out to Sunglow Ranch....aptly named you think?

this Acorn Woodpecker does not have to work hard for his dinner at the ranch

the guest rooms.....

dining room

Ken, John and Lori

Andrea, the hostess, is helping Mike, while Gail looks on.  John and Lori can be seen on the right side.

Holding a bottle of the 2009 Grenache that we enjoyed

Peggy and Curt Dunham owners of Lawrence Dunham Winery


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Mike! What a nice day that turned out to be!

    When you went to Amerind you probably passed the Triangle T Guest Ranch...that's where we stayed when in that area.

  2. It was so nice to meet both of you! I am Sonia from the Keeling Schaefer tasting room. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Cochise county. Your pictures are beautiful!

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog Sonia:)


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