Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wallowa WA, Bear Creek Trl

Interesting day today.  I stayed indoors all day.  No, thats not the interesting part!  There are a few wildfires burning not far away in Idaho and all the smoke is moving/hanging around this valley among other places I'm sure. As far as we know, they were caused by lightening.  It is pretty nasty stuff, the sun looked like it was trying to shine through "fog" but the "fog" has not yet dried up.  It does not seem to bother Mike much but it is definitely bothering me, my chest and sinuses.  We have one more full day here before moving on and it may be the same as today.  Oh well, plenty to do inside!

However, I have a few days worth of stuff for you all!:)

Bear Creek trail head.  Popular for horses as well as hikers and hunters

Mike is happy to be back in big tree country;)

when this fungus dries (lower right) it looks like cow pies!

different day, different forest, different fungus, what can I say?

Horses being taken up to a camp...

a very nice morning hike!

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