Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hagerman ID, Malad Gorge

We are just a mile from Malad State Park and the beautiful Malad Gorge so we did a nice little hike there to check it out!  Even though it seems very desert like around here, there are a lot more rivers and streams than down further south and some are quite pretty.  I hope you can read the little history signs, they can be fun and interesting.

I am sure you will agree the ram is a gorgeous creature!  We were tickled to see him and he seemed to be alone near an interpretive walk on the rim of the gorge.  We kept our distance and he let me take a few pics.  I have tried to find out what kind of ram he is but have not been able to do so yet!

this dam on the Malad River diverts some of the water along a canal which is used to power turbines to produce electricity further down where it empties into the Snake River

looking over the top of the small waterfall in the previous pic

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