Saturday, September 1, 2012

Stanwood WA, last of day in Seattle

Last set of pics from our day in colorful Seattle.  On the train that morning we drove right by the Everett Naval Station.  That was cool cause the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz is docked there and we had a great view of it from the train!

a few more market pics

they may not look tempting but they taste goooood!

looks like these bouquets have all the ingredients of a good salad!

Mike eyeing the meat.......

......and buying a pastry:)

China town

Note the sign on the window.......
they did have bats in the shop along with this guy who used to be hanging in a medical teaching school.  now he resides in a 19th century coffin;)

I did mention Seattle is a "colorful" place didn't I?

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