Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunnyside WA, Hops (as in beer)

I mentioned Sunnyside is in an agricultural area.  I know I mentioned grapes, corn, apples and dairies among other crops but I did not mention that this area also produces 75 percent of the hops in the USA!

the colorful street flags reflect the areas interests

how about all the flowers!

Sunnyside is the home of astronaut Bonnie Dunbar and they are very proud of this country girl!

no rhyme or reason as to how they lay out the crops....or at least it does not seem like there is one!

hops on both sides of the road.  hops grow on vines and the vines are supported by wires and poles

grapes, hops and more grapes in the background

corn, grapes and hops in this pic

Mt. Adams in the background

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