Friday, September 21, 2012

Wallowa, WA, country drive, flat tire and morning pics

Spent most of today again indoors, the smoke is the worst yet.  It seems we have fires burning around us in all directions, WA, OR and ID all have fires.  Tomorrow we leave for Vale, OR, where the wind should be changing direction just enough for us to be out of the smoke by later in the day.  I sure hope so.

We took a drive through the countryside a couple days ago looking for a trail that no longer exists. Turns out the map we were looking at was 10 years old.  But we saw some interesting things and Mike got to change a tire for the first time.  Doubt it will be the last!

this is a bison farm, they raise these guys for meat

waiting for the locals to cross the road, lots of open range

no big deal changing a tire when you are reTIRED!!

the local watering hole......

look at this guys huge.........horns;)

courthouse in Joseph

a few morning pics taken right here at the RV park

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